If you're here reading reviews, it's likely you're in a very difficult position...and now you're tasked with finding an attorney to represent you/the best interest of your family.

You need someone who will fight to protect you, often while walking the very fine line between "somewhat amicable" and "somewhat disastrous" (things can spiral quickly.)

Even if, like me, you have a great support system, and you're not necessarily looking for someone to hold your hand, it's reasonable to expect your attorney to regard your situation with respect and sensitivity.

You will have that with Ania and Cammila.

I interviewed 4 different attorneys. Ultimately, I chose another attorney, based on the recommendation of a trusted family friend. But when I began to question if my case was on the right path, I didn't hesitate to circle back to Ania and her team.

Here's just one example of why:

When I made my initial call to their office, her assistant,Tania, scheduled a consult for the following week. However, the day before our meeting, I received an email from opposing counsel that required an immediate response and put me into panic-mode...I reached out to see if Ania was available to meet any sooner. Her assistant explained that she was in court all day and wouldn't be available until our scheduled meeting.

But a few minutes later, her assistant called me back...she had sensed the urgency in my request and decided to contact Ania's partner, who agreed to give me a call.

I spoke with Cammila who quickly allayed my concerns and armed me with the appropriate information to formulate my response to opposing counsel.

She was kind and understanding, but also sharp and very professional. This was done at no charge.


Fast forward, months later...this time it was Ania who allayed my concerns. She assured me that my case appeared to be on the right path, given the complexities of my case.

Ania is very forthright in her assessment and takes the time to explain the various options, without wasting time on unnecessary details. She kept ME on track and I never felt like I had to redirect our focus the way I did when interviewing other attorneys. (Time is money!!)

At a time when you're not feeling your most eloquent or sure of yourself, you need a team that genuinely cares, knows their stuff, and can be a commanding force when necessary...Ania and Cammila are the real deal.

I have no doubt they're prepared for any family court... but especially If you nead a team in Contra Costa County, look no further. Their knowledge/experience with the different departments/judges specific to CCC are invaluable.