Disputes between spouses, partners, or co-parents can be among life’s most challenging. Issues like divorce, custody, marital property and family finances involve legal rights, but they are also deeply personal and emotional. These cases involve navigating an unfamiliar legal landscape and planning for a life that’s different from the one you expected. But you don’t have to do it alone.

We know how difficult family law disputes can be and we are committed to helping you resolve your family law matter with dignity while protecting your rights and resources. A divorce or other other family law case closes one chapter of your life; we are here to help equip you and your children for the next.


Divorce is difficult for almost everyone who goes through it. The process represents not only the end of a marriage, but the hopes and ambitions you likely had when you first married. But like most life transitions, divorce carries within it the pote… Read More

Child Custody

Changes in the family affect children. For many parents, the toughest part of any divorce or child custody proceeding is the effects on children. As a parent, you always want what is best for them. If you and the other parent don’t agree on what th… Read More

Child Support

When parents live together, supporting their children financially is something that they do naturally. But when parents divorce or no longer share a household, it is usually necessary to have a child support order in place. Whether you expect to rece… Read More

Property Division

During the course of any marriage, but especially a longer one, a couple accumulates property, and often debt. If the couple divorces, they need to divide their property and debt. This process can be challenging for a number of reasons. Some property… Read More

Spousal Support

Spousal support, sometimes referred to as “alimony,” is often a contested issue in California divorces. A lower-earning spouse may feel that they need financial support to make ends meet, or that they deserve support because they sacrificed their… Read More

Enforcement and Modification of Orders

Having a court order, especially in a family law case, can provide a sense of stability and relief. But what happens when one party is not complying with the order, or when the order no longer works as well because your circumstances have changed? It… Read More


Most judges and attorneys agree: in a family law case, it is usually best for the parties to resolve disputed issues than to have the court decide the issues for the parties. Parties know their own family better than anyone. You and the other party t… Read More

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Everyone deserves to be safe in their personal relationships. What many people don’t know is that in California, the legal definition of “abuse” is broadly defined and not limited to only physical violence. In addition to physical violence or t… Read More

Second Opinions

When you’re making a life-changing decision like getting a divorce, you want to make sure that you get the best advice possible. When a professional has given you a recommendation, having that confirmed by someone you trust can help you feel more c… Read More