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Ania Bednarczyk

Ania has never been one to shy away from the difficult aspects of life. While in law school, Ania began assisting counsel appointed by the California Supreme Court in death penalty cases prior to becoming a family lawyer. Ania’s professional develo… Read More
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Cammila Valerio

Cammila has always known she wanted to practice family law. While in college, Cammila began working at a group home for teens in the foster care system. One of her favorite aspects of the work was accompanying the children to court and advocating for… Read More
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Sara Driesen

Sara is a results-driven attorney with a long history of achieving successful outcomes for her clients. She began her legal career in family law and has experience managing all aspects of dissolution and paternity actions. Sara is a strong advocate a… Read More
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Danielle Petersen

Since graduating in the top of her class in law school, Danielle Petersen has distinguished herself as a gifted family lawyer. Danielle has experience working on complicated divorce issues, such as domestic violence issues, child custody disputes, pr… Read More
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Nadia Scheirer

Nadia Scheirer is a paralegal for Bednarczyk & Valerio. Nadia’s primary focus is supporting clients and attorneys in family law matters on a wide-range of issues, including propounding and responding to formal discovery demands, preparing helpf… Read More
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Tania Martinez

Tania Martinez is a legal assistant at Bednarczyk & Valerio, LLP. Tania handles many aspects of the daily firm responsibilities. She prides herself on helping clients get through difficult times in their lives. Tania graduated from San Francisco… Read More
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