I could not make a better choice , my divorce has been a nightmare but Ania has been with me at every step. She was always available to advice me or help me whenever I needed it. There were times I did not believe this horror would ever end but she made me feel patient and hopeful. And now, after a year it is coming to the end. I highly recommend everybody at this office, Tania, the paralegal assistant is always very nice and responsive and they help even if Ania is out of the office at the court. Ania is an incredibly bright and smart person who loves what she does! That's what makes her stand out from other attorneys! She also has a very calming and kind way that you are going to need going through a terrible divorce. She has been always in my corner and I have no doubt in my mind she is the best attorney in the family law field. Thank you Ania for everything you have done for me, especially for never loosing my hope!