I am new to this firm but have been with Sara Driesen since switching over from a previous firm. I've said this to Sara and I'll say it here, "I'm never entering a court room without her!" I have been with Sara for nearly 5 years already. As a father I was terrified entering a courtroom especially with false accusations said against me, but since I have been with Sara it has been nothing but favorable outcomes in court. Having her by my side feels like everything is under control, she's honest and gives it to me straight, and I respect that a lot! as her client I think its important for me to have honesty, self awareness, reasonable expectations, and truly have the children's needs as a priority for any attorney to have success. I like to think I do that.

Trust me I am not rich by any stretch, however Sara has always worked with me from a financial stand point and has always tried to be transparent with me and help me in any way she can.

As for the new team I was nervous having been used to the old firm but everyone here is great the transition was smooth and everyone is on the ball!

I was awarded majority custody for the past 3-4 years and I recommend Bednarczyk & Valerio, LLP to anyone who needs the BEST representation. I haven't experienced any of the other attorneys but if they were smart enough to bring Sara along then they know what the hell they are doing.