December 24th 2019 my wife at that time announced to me she was filling for divorce. I was 2500 miles away from my home in California with this in mind I was unclear of what to do. I called lawyers in Georgia they all informed me (you need a California lawyer) at this point my back was against a wall. I began to search for a California lawyer and found the law firm of Bednarczyk&Valerio, I explained my situation. I was transferred over to Cammila Valerio we spoke for a while over the phone. Cammila was so helpful to me in understanding my situation and how I should dealing with this matter. I was a little reluctant because I was so far from home but I knew I had to deal with this right away. I put my trust in Cammila and I was so grateful that I did. The firm agreed to take on my case, I found out quickly the firm had my best interest in mind. I was still nervous but I found out that anytime I had concerns or questions about my case the firm and or Cammila contacted me within a few hours or within 24 hours. The divorce did take a while due to all of the factors that came along with it but I think my decision with this firm was the right one for me. The firm always treated me with respect and understanding even with my lack of knowledge about the law regarding divorce. I had a friend in California that contacted me about her divorce I explained my situation and recommended she contact Bednarczyk&Valerio that if anyone could help her it would be this firm. I can’t really express how grateful I am to Cammila and the staff members that assisted me with this life changing event. I think Cammila became a friend to me as my lawyer,if you ever find yourself in my situation in or out of California you need to contact Bednarczyk&Valerio law firm. I will always be indebted to Cammila. Thanks again Cammila and staff.