I highly recommend the Law Firm of Bednarczyk and Valerio for what may seem a simple case. My x-husband filed paperwork to relieve him of his agreement to pay me spousal support. This came in the middle of Covid which meant my income was dramatically reduced because the Dental Office I worked in was closed during the first few months of the Pandemic. I had also been diagnosed with severe arthritis in both of my hands, which meant probable forced retirement. Cammila Valerio represented me in a very strong, ardent manner which, considering the opposition, was necessary. Cammila was always willing to talk on the phone to allay my concerns and, from time to time, consulted with Ania Bednarczyck if she was concerned about a legal aspect of my case. I have highly recommended Cammila and Ania to friends to help with more complicated cases than mine. I also want to stress that the entire staff is very professional and highly qualified to help move your case forward in a timely and satisfactory manner. You won't find a more caring or competent team to help you through a very stressful event in your life.